Book Clubs

Hello book club friends!

I’ve prepared a list of discussion questions for Maggie Dove. Please feel free to use these, or to come up with other ones, or to tell me your answers. (Or to invite me to your book club.) You can reach me at

Here are a few questions to get you started:

1.     Maggie Dove lives in a small village and is, in many ways, defined by her village. Where do you live and how does that define you? Do you think people see Maggie Dove as she really is?

2.     The mystery begins with an argument between Maggie and her neighbor. She’s appalled to find herself behaving so horribly. What sorts of things get you angry? Do you think Maggie was right to behave the way she did?

3.     One of my favorite people to write about was Winifred Levy because I’m intrigued by friendships that last a long time. How do friends evolve over time? What happens when your friends turn into people you don’t recognize? And vice versa? What are the longest friendships you’ve ever had?

4.     One of the themes of this novel is healing. Maggie can’t get past the terrible loss of her daughter. Not until she begins trying to solve the mystery does she become interested in life again. Have you ever suffered a loss? How have you dealt with that?

5.     Part of the fun of writing a mystery is that you get to surprise your readers. Hopefully. Were you surprised at the end? Were you happy with the ending? Will you read the next book, Maggie Dove’s Detective Agency, which comes out on October 18, 2016?


One further note, or perhaps bribe:

If you’d like some Maggie Dove swag, such as a tote bag or a mug, please be in touch at


Thanks again for reading my book.